Using E-Shelf
e-Shelf allows you to save and organize items that you find during your Primo session. To access e-Shelf, click the e-Shelf link at the top of the page.
Saving Items to e-Shelf
When you select the Star icon for an item in the search results, the system highlights the icon and adds the item to the Basket folder in e-Shelf.
*You must sign in to save items in e-Shelf for future sessions.
If you want to add all of the items on the page, click the Add page to e-Shelf link that appears either above or below the facets.
Removing Items from e-Shelf
To remove an item and all of its copies in the various folders in e-Shelf, select the highlighted Star icon next to the item in the search results.
If you do not want to delete all copies of an item in e-Shelf, you must remove each copy directly from e-Shelf. For more information on removing items from e-Shelf, see Managing Items.
Viewing Items Saved in e-Shelf
To view items that are saved in e-Shelf, click the Basket folder or any of its subfolders. From the list of items, click the item that you want to display.
Managing Folders
From the e-Shelf tab, you can perform the following operations on folders:
Copy Folder—Click this button to copy the selected folder into memory. The original folder will not be changed or deleted.
Managing Items
From the e-Shelf tab, you can perform the following operations on items:
Save Items—Select an option (such as Push to Connotea) from the Save pull-down list and then click this button to save the selected items.